Writing, not just for fun

There is an immense amount of pride that fills me when someone refers to me as a writer. Recently, a close friend introduced me to a few of her friends, as a writer. Not in a, she likes to write, sort of way. It was clear that she views me as a writer, and thinks highly enough of it to label me as one. A person that loves to write, and hopes to make a living from it, dreams of being called an author or writer. 

One of my aunts did this very early on in my writing journey too. It was back before I started this blog, and before I had told anyone other than a select few, that I was starting my first novel. Back then, writing was a quiet and shy dream. Something that I was too embarrassed to speak out loud. Not because being a writer is anything to be ashamed of, but because it was such a private and intimate wish of mine. No one, besides college professors, had ever read anything that I had written. And it’s incredibly nerve wrecking when someone takes a look into something that you create, with critiques on the tips of their tongues. I was very surprised by the title that my aunt bestowed upon me, as if I hadn’t deserved it yet. 

It wasn’t too long after that, that I launched this blog. It was actually my hubby that encouraged me to stop hiding my passion and talent, and throw myself into it. My mentality changed after that. From that moment, I began to think of myself as a writer first, and of my job as a ‘day job’. If you want something in life, you have to visualize it, but you also have to take action. 

Now, I actively look for opportunities and inspiration that keep me close to my writing dreams. If I want writing to become a source of income, I need to do more than just work on my novel. I have to write more. 

I was inspired by a blog site created by Kristen Kieffer. Amongst all of the informative posts that are snuggled into her site, was a video about her transition from writing for fun to writing for a living (Link to that post and video)

I decided that I needed to take another step of faith if I truly wanted to make a career out of writing. I want a portfolio of different writing projects. So, I’ve begun to look into freelance writing opportunities, we’ll see where that leads me. 

Thanks for joining me!


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