To all my nerds! Embrace your inner weirdo!

This is a personal letter to my fellow nerds and geeks! A message that I am sending to let you know that it’s ok to embrace your inner weirdo. In fact, you should let it loose!

For a long time I thought I had a problem, like a serious bad habit, of staring at people. It bordered inappropriateness, maybe even harassment. I think I read, or heard somewhere, that looking at someone for more than three seconds can be considered harassment. I remember thinking, damn I need to be careful, and yet I can’t help myself. 

Staring can be a problem. I’ve almost had my as% kicked over it (Some neighborhoods take it more seriously than others). Yet, to this day I can’t help but to stare at people. And do you know what I realized? I’m not meant to stop staring. I’m drawn to it, and here is why…

I am an observer of all things. I enjoy watching people. The way they dress, the way they talk and walk. I observe their mannerisms and styles. I wonder about their lives, and sometimes make up stories about where they come from, where they are going, and what they’re about. 

It serves me with my story telling craft. That’s why I’ve come to embrace this about myself. I’ve tried to be like other people, particularly my fellow New Yorkers, and walk past others without looking their way. I’d keep a straight face forward and ignore their presence. And, it sucked every time! I wanted so badly to look at them! The curiosity burned inside me so bad. 

That said, don’t be offended when I stare at you. You might serve as a muse for my next story. Isn’t that cool?! It’s an awkward quirk of mine, but one of many on a very long list. 

Technically, I’m not staring. I’d like to say that I’m using a talent in observation. A talent which helps me create realistic characters that use realistic dialogue. 

So, fellow creative nerds, let it be said that your quirks are the stimuli for your creative genius! *High fives the air*

Quick update on my novel: I have been forging along beautifully with my post editor evaluated manuscript. It’s coming together, and I am so glad I was able to partner with a great editor. It’s a lot of work, like a sculptor slicing away at the clay to reveal the contours of a statue. The body is visible, now I just have to get down to the distinct features. Not too much more to go before I send out my query letters to literary agents. 


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