Positive Energy and Growth

I am feeling extremely positive about my novel and future prospects. I know it’s important to feed that energy to keep it thriving and burning inside. It’s also important to be honest with oneself. Life passes by in a blur, and one can’t waste time and energy on things that are negative. For some, this could be their job, for others it could be the people around them. 

I am happy to say that within the last 3-4 years I have increasingly become surrounded by positive and inspiring people. I have gained some truly great friendships that steeped from mutual support, respect and love. This is vital for achieving success in life. 

I have been blessed with a family that truly knows how to love unconditionally. The support that I receive is provided to me in the right measures of honesty and encouragement. From my home, to my extended family, I feel blessed. 

Spirituality is incomparably most important when chasing success in my opinion. It comes in different forms for many, but in the end if you have spirituality in your life, then you aren’t actually chasing success, success surrounds you. For me, spirituality is my deep connection with God. It’s also my belief in positive affirmation. I profess that the use of vision boards and visualization works! It has worked every time for me. I also believe in the use of natural essential oils. Thanks to my dear friend Stephanie, Independent Wellness Advocate – doTERRA Essential Oils , I have begun to learn about the benefits of using essential oils. While some people turn their nose up, and look at it like a hippy fad, the truth is that essential oils for healing and energy is an ancient tradition. Frankincense and Myrrh were considered special enough to be a gift for Christ. Thats a good enough yelp review for me. 

All of this is guiding me. I’m excited for this years goals and challenges. While it’s important to absorb positive energy, it’s equally important to put in the work. One of the first things that I learned, when I started taking my writing seriously, was that every writer needs to continue to learn the craft. Reading is essential homework for every writer, but I decided to take it up a notch and enrolled in a Professional Writing program that is right up my alley. 

You know what I call a woman that’s holding down a full time job, pursuing her dreams, taking care of her family and making time for fun and learning? A bad ass! I’m surrounded by women in my life that fit this definition. It’s excellent company! 

Thanks to everyone for the continued support!

Here’s that link again: Doterra oils


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