Beta Readers

It has been several weeks since my last blog post. I decided to break from blogging for a while so that I could concentrate on my third draft. I am happy to say that I have completed it, and I handed over my pride and joy to five Beta Readers.

I am a nervous wreck. The tender skin under my nails has begun to show from how far down I’ve bitten my nails. It’s the first time that I let anyone get a glimpse of my work. It’s such a vulnerable feeling to allow others into a project that I held so closely to my heart since February of 2015.

I have asked my Beta Readers to give me candid feedback. Some have held their opinions steadfast, until they have read the book in its entirety. Two have given me small anecdotes, as taste tests into their opinions. I am elated to hear that so far they are impressed and interested in the story. I was afraid that I was going to have to coax or bribe them into completing the manuscript. Authors are always their own hardest critics.

Nevertheless, I am feeling more confident in my abilities than ever. And I am certain that even the negative feedback that I may receive, will serve to give my story a beating heart.

When I receive their notes and opinions, I will take each with care and lovingly apply them to my novel. After that, I will be sending out my query letters to literary agents. Wish me luck!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me. Thus far, everyone who has come into my life has played an integral part in drawing this story out. It is because of my family, all of my friends and God that I stepped out in faith and gave it a shot.



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  1. How wonderful that you have got so far in your journey. Yet how scary to hand over your ‘baby’ to real readers. I’m still on first draft so I’ll follow your progress with interest.

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    1. Appreciate it, I will share all my ups and downs


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