Set Back or Saving Grace

This weekend I put in some real hard work on my novel. It felt fantastic! It was the lengthiest writing session for me thus far and what was best was that it felt like quality work. When I closed my laptop, I was still in #amwriting mode so I whipped out my phone and used that energy to research the publishing process.

I looked into everything from literary agents and query letters to genre categories and age appropriateness. I have been feeling so much positive momentum and everything that I read kept fueling that fire.

Then I came upon a really insightful post regarding the genre you are aiming for and the target audience for that genre. The post gave me such valuable information and I think it may have quite possibly saved my book. Sure, at first the enlightening piece gave my heart a crushing grip but I kept reading on. I could have thrown my arms up in defeat but I refused. I haven’t been working this hard to give up. Not now, not ever. I quickly started calculating all of the pros of what this new information meant for my book, and ignored the cons.

As it turns out, there are some changes that I will have to make. Many changes actually. But the plot and characters can remain mostly unaffected. The life that I breathed into the main characters on the pages of my novel can continue on. The changes involve tweaks to a few scenes and locations. Not world ending.

Maybe it is the passion that I have for what I am working on. Or maybe it has been the inspiring posts on twitter that I have been reading. Whichever the reason, I feel just as confident and determined as I did before.

These are the links to the articles that I came across today while researching, hopefully they will be helpful to others:

Awesome post about the dos and don’ts of query letters – I actually saw this video a few days ago but loved it so much that I had to mention it here.

Key Differences Between Middle Grade vs Young Adult

Intro to middle grade and young adult

query letters

query letter sample

Book word count

Thanks for following my journey! Be kind and share below!


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