So I decided to put pen to paper…

“Sometimes you have to get your writing done in spare moments here and there.”

– JK Rowling

Like many aspiring authors I have often scared myself away from writing. The initial excitement comes when you come up with The Story, you start getting your supplies ready – journal, laptop, typewriter, etc. – then as you let the words pour out you freeze. Doubt moves into your literary world, the U-Haul is unloaded and boxes are unpacked. Will anyone like the book or will it be a failure? How do I get published? Where do I begin? Or even more intimidating – What do I do once I’m finished?

I decided to start this blog to detail my journey. As a literary novice, I am overwhelmingly naive about the journey I am diving into. But that could serve in the best interest of this blog, as I learn and make mistakes I will document it along the way. In a way this will be as therapeutic for me as I hope it will be inspiring/educational (maybe even comical) for you.

To give you a marker of where I am in my journey right now, as I click ‘publish’ on this first post I will be nearly finished with the first ROUGH draft of my very first novel – what I hope will be the first installment of a short fiction series.

Join me in my journey and feel free to help me along the way!



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